Saturday, March 31, 2007

GA Supreme Court rejects lesbian adoption case

The Georgia Supreme Court has again sidestepped a challenge to the legality of second-parent adoptions, a legal process sometimes used by gay parents. The court ruled today that it would not reconsider its Feb. 26 decision not to hear the case of Sara Wheeler, a woman who sought to revoke the second-parent adoption of her biological child by former partner Melody Wheeler.

Fathers helping fathers

Seven years ago, Ken Sandall's wife walked out on him with their two young children. At the time, Ken was making $2,250 a month. A judge ordered him to pay $2,000 a month in spousal and child support. (Crazy allocations like this happen a lot in family court. But nobody does anything about it, even though lives are ruined.) He slept in friends' basements and lived like a tramp, but he paid until he was forced to declare bankruptcy.