Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How About Repairing the Social Infrastructure?

By Charles Adler "It's too bad the government cannot jump start the social infrastructure in our country, where the Canadian family needs to be repaired and it can easily be argued that our government is part of the problem. Government appointed judges over the years have participated in making some hideous decisions in family courts resulting in the alienation of fathers from their children. Judges, mostly male in family courts, have bought into a lot of bogus claims made by lawyers acting for mothers who have accused fathers of everything under the sun in order to keep custody of their kids. But, the custody checks keep coming while at the same time preventing fathers from having access to their children, preventing fathers from being fathers and preventing children from having fathers in their lives."


John Pine said...

Parental alienation causes the children to develop personality disorders. When they grow up they try to alienate their own children from their partners. The cycle repeats. The courts encourage this cyclical process by nearly always assigning the children to the mother: she knows that she is fairly safe to launch divorce. If children were assigned on a roughly fifty-fifty basis, both partners would be much more cautious and there would be more chance of healing the inter-generational failure in relationships.

The damage done: Hathaway and Monachesi found a 46% delinquency rate in children of single-mother households (nearly half got into trouble with the police). Bacon, Child and Barry's famous cross-cultural study showed that severance from father caused a massive increase in crime and violence.

The educational backwardness of boys can be traced to the same cause.

Jim Hueglin said...

Hi John ... thanks for your insight ... regards, Jim