Friday, December 10, 2010

Engineer (Daniel Tilbury), 36, guilty of murder in shooting death of ex-wife



Gary Tilbury said...

As the father of Dan Tilbury there is so much more to this story than was reported and as usual what was reported was mostly lies and inaccurcies. Such as Dan picking the boys up and then going back to shoot Kristine. The boys never left my house and were there since Dan arrived in town on the 22nd of Dec. The boys never left my care and have been placed with my wife and I on a permanent basis in spite of the victims families objections. In spite of losing both their parents my grandsons are considered the most well adjusted children in their school. The question we should ask is what caused a very successful mid level manager of a large corporation making over a $100K per year with a 170 IQ to suddenly leave his sons drive over and shoot his ex-wife in front of several witnesses who had known him for over 10 years? Could it be the years of stress of being duped by his ex-wife into buying a house for 400K and never being allowed to spend one night in it while her friends and boyfriend who have been convicted of narcotic possession multiple times moved in with her? Or was it the lies to a judge that she wanted to reconcile with my son while knowing she was pregnant with the boyfriends child ( she had 2 children with the druggy boyfriend while married to my son so his insurance would pay for it before she finally agreed to divorce my son in June of 2009) or maybe it was being lied to about being able to take his sons to Seattle Washington where he was encouraged by her to take a job that was a big promotion, or maybe it was believing his sons were being forced to associate with a convicted child molestor (ex-husband of druggy girlfriend) or maybe it was knowing his sons were living in a 4 bedroom house with 6 adults and 9 children and his youngest son was sleeping on the floor, or maybe it was being told by his sons that their mother left their kitten and hamsters in the garage with no food to die or maybe well you should now understand the hell my son lived in for 3 years before this tragedy occurred. My sons true nature is so well known by this community that many of his coworkers even 2 years after he was arrested still support him by writing him, visiting him and attending his trial. The trial itself was a joke as the ADA simply called all the witnesses for the defense liars who did not have a brain or eyes or ears of their own and just repeated the lies of my son and my sons lawyer made no objections to this blanket characterization of some very prestigious members of our community who supported Dan and yet she could not find one expert witness that she could pay to refute the testimony of my sons expert witness and instead resorted to calling him a liar that would say anything for enough money.

After observing our legal system at least in Santa Clara County in action,I am sorry to say I served this country as an officer in the US Army, as an Engineer with a Top Secret Clearance living a life style that allowed me to pass polygraphs and Backgrond Investigations, volunteering in my community as a youth sports coach and scout leader, to protect and support ths corrupt and terrible legal system.

There is so much more to this story I have not included such as physical and mental abuse of my grandsons, welfare fraud, child neglect etc.

Finally to conclude do not mistake this as an attempt to justify my sons actions, I am as appalled by them as any, but anyone who believes this was premeditated on my sons part is a moron and the correct conclusion should have been manslaughter.

Gary Tilbury

Jim Hueglin said...

Mr Tilbury, thank you for shedding more light on this tragic event.

Daniel Tilbury said...

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