Saturday, March 26, 2011

The many faces of family law

From the Globe and Mail: “Attempts to reform Canada's family courts have created a patchwork of methods that vary widely from region to region. One key difference lies in the adoption of the unified family-court model, where a single judge, appointed jointly by the federal and provincial governments, deals with most family-court matters under one roof. Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Newfoundland have such courts. British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia, however, do not, and they lean heavily on generalist judges.”


The above comments are not accurate, at least as they apply to Ontario, since there are 17 Family Court of the Superior Court of Justice locations in Ontario: Barrie, Bracebridge, Brockville, Cobourg, Cornwall, Hamilton, Kingston, L'Orignal, Lindsay, London, Napanee, Newmarket, Oshawa/Whitby, Ottawa, Perth, Peterborough, and St. Catharines.

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