Friday, September 30, 2011

Life lesson comes back to bite P.E.I. father

Link I do not know all the circumstances, however, on the face of it, I believe the Judge went too far.

Fighting for Fathers


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

After hunting for three years, U.K. father finds his missing daughter in Montreal

Link "Pearl Da Massa was told she did not have a father. She was instructed to tell strangers her name was “Belle Flaherty.” For three years she cycled through Mexican hostels, Texas bus stations and Toronto group shelters with her mother, trying to keep one step ahead of an international police hunt."

Monday, September 26, 2011


Link "Lisa Stark, 30, has barely seen her sons, Adam, 10, and Omar, seven, over the past four years, following the collapse of her marriage to their Libyan father."

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby's father charged with child abductionx

Link "After an argument, ( Collin James Lawrence) allegedly took his child forcibly from its mother ... and drove hundreds of kilometres away ..."

Father surprised by abduction charge Link
"He has been charged with child abduction under a section of the Criminal Code that prohibits one parent from depriving the other parent of the child when both have lawful custody of that child, Crown attorney Leigh-Ann Bryson said Friday. The offence carries a maximum 10-year jail sentence."

The long road from surviving to thriving


Canadians for Family Law Reform public meeting


Mother Arrested In Connection To Son's Death

"Homicide Unit Detectives have charged James Gregory Cleveland, with Felony Child Abuse Inflicting Serious Bodily Injury or Mental or Emotional Injury and Murder in relation to the death of Demytre Rashaad Pendleton."

"Police have arrested Ariacna Janet Romero, and charged her with Accessory after the Fact (Felony) in relation to the murder of her son, Demytre Rashaad Pendleton Jr."

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Illinois Bill Would Treat Visitation Same as Child Support


Mother (Chantelle Blake) in court charged with murder


Parents (Tina Hanna Lefty Hodge) Charged in Death of Baby


Oklahoma mother charged in her baby's death

Link "About three hours after the boy's body was found Tuesday, police took his mother, Hillary Tyler, 31, of Mulhall, Okla., into custody on suspicion of first-degree murder."

Beauchamp charged with murder of two children found in Delray Beach canal

Link  "The prime suspect (  Clem Beauchamp ) in the deaths of two children (  Jermaine McNeil, 10, and Ju'Tyra Allen, 6 ) whose bodies were found floating inside luggage in a canal in March was charged Thursday with their premeditated murders."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Clifton father reunited with his son -

Link "Justice Eric Macklin, a judge of the Edmonton Court of Queen's Bench, ruled last month that the child's mother, Ginger Spearman-Lambert, 26, had not shown in court that the boy's father, James Spearman, 28, was aware of her intention to keep the child in Canada for more than two months."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Richard Chekevdia

"A boy (Richard Chekevdia,) allegedly abducted in a custody dispute nearly two years ago has turned up alive, hiding with his mother in a small, specially built secret room at his grandmother's Illinois home, investigators said."

Link "A southern Illinois woman who authorities say hid her young son, often in a crawl space, for nearly two years as part of a custody dispute has been ordered to spend two years on probation without more jail time.Shannon Wilfong, 32, pleaded guilty Monday in Franklin County to five misdemeanors.... Wilfong was sentenced to $1,500 in fines and 30 days in jail – a judge credited her with time she already has served – on that count and fines of $100 on each of four counts of unlawful interference with child visitation.Wilfong's mother, Diane Dobbs, also pleaded guilty to obstruction and escaped additional jail time when the judge credited her with the 12 days she'd already been behind bars. Dobbs, 53, was fined $1,000.

A note on the Vicky Haigh case


A cautionary lesson: the Vicky Haigh and Liz Watson judgments


President of Family Division’s press release on paedophile allegations case


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mother Killed, Child Abducted

Link "Authorities have arrested a man (Keith Neal,) after a deadly shooting and abduction ... police said 2-month-old Nariyaz Keytasia Neal was taken from Merrywood Drive in Greenwood about 3:50 p.m. Monday after a shooting ... the baby's mother, Kaybreshia Timpson, was shot once inside her car and again outside it, where she died."

Older brother of slain toddler was removed from mother's custody

Link "The mother of a toddler who died of head injuries last week has an older son who was removed from her custody because she neglected him... the younger child, Kamden Lee Bailey, 14 months, died Friday at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth ... Rodney Pettigrew, 24, of Springtown was arrested Friday by Parker County officials, who identified him as the boyfriend of Kamden's mother. Officials have not named the mother."

Man fatally stabbed in neck wanted custody of girl, court told

Link "The mother, dabbing away tears, also described a profanity-laced exchange between her son Ludlow Jermaine Gillespie and Melissa Lewis two months before Lewis allegedly stabbed him in the neck while he was driving."
Link "Melissa Lewis acquitted of murder charges in stabbing death of boyfriend"

The voice of the child in family court


Stronger laws to deal with international child abduction


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mother's boyfriend pleads guilty of South Roxana boy's murder

"The boyfriend, 34-year-old Sean Starwalt, pleaded guilty in Edwardsville Thursday of first-degree murder, admitting he had beaten Jeremiah. Starwalt entered the plea in return for prosecutors' agreement to ask for a prison term of no more than 48 years when he is sentenced later. Jeremiah's mother, Patricia Cage, has also been charged with first-degree murder. Her trial is pending."

Father? What Father?


Parental Alienation Syndrome

Link "Grandparents, Too

One of the tell-tale signs of potential Parental Alienation Syndrome is when the alienating parent prevents the children from having any relationship with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on the target parent’s side. The alienating parent may malign the grandparents to the point where the children resist forming a relationship with them or they might set up impenetrable blocks to visits with grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. In cases where target parents are cut off (such as when the alienating parent moves to another state or country) they’ll cut off the extended family, too."

Friday, September 16, 2011

International Anguish: A father’s fight to find his daughter

"After more than three years, an international legal battle, countless sleepless nights and two trips to Brazil, Michael Sanchez's battle to play a role in his 6-year-old daughter Emily Machado's upbringing still isn’t quite over yet."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

‘It will always be there’ - Local - The Western Star

"However, as Jeffery Tippett was led away to serve the remainder of that time — having been credited with 298 days time served for the 149 days he has spent in pre-sentence custody, Tameron’s mother Maria, and his grandmother, Evelyn Rose, were left to wonder still about what really happened on Jan. 30, 2007.

"Seaborn’s decision is similar to two previous sentences from the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador for manslaughter involving the deaths of infants.

In 2000, Michael John Brake of Corner Brook was convicted of killing his six-week-old son with a single blow to the head that resulted in similar injuries as those suffered by Tameron Rose. Although initially sentenced to 18 months, an appeal by the Crown resulted in that sentence being increased to five years.

In 2003, Lawrence Philip Dyke was sentenced in a St. John’s courtroom to five years for killing his nine-month-old daughter.

In both of those cases, Brake and Dyke had become frustrated with their own children. Brake, who pleaded guilty, admitted to striking his son with the palm of his hand, while Dyke, who was found guilty by a jury, threw his daughter to the floor."

Mother (Neibi Brito) of 3 facing murder charges after meth fire - News Story - WSB Atlanta


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Abduction law to punish fly-away dads and mothers

Link One would normally say "mothers and fathers".

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Montgomery County woman (Melissa Haskell) held in 19-year-old death of King of Prussia infant


Man wrote note before killing ex, self

Link: A man (Clint Walley) who shot dead the mother of his 2-year-old girl before killing himself had sent a handwritten note to journalists shortly before the tragedy unfolded.

Funeral services set for 10-year-old girl killed by father |

Link "Adam Parcells, 29 of Hilton, turned the gun on himself after killing his daughters inside their tent at a campground near Lake George."

Dad stands up for his parental rights

Perhaps times are changing. Link

Friday, September 09, 2011

Civil conspiracy claims in family law

I guess the reason we need lawyers is so that they can interpret, for non-lawyers, the things that judges and other lawyers say.

Slater & Gordon launches fixed fee service for family law


New guidelines for same-sex parenting and custody

If parents do break up, she said, going to court is damaging financially and emotionally. And it can destroy the couple’s ability to work together as parents.

There have been a number of recent cases across the country in which a biological or adoptive parent tries to claim the other parent has no parental rights. Best known among them is the case of Janet Jenkins and Lisa Miller, which has grabbed national headlines. Miller, the biological mother, asked courts in both Virginia and Vermont to deny Jenkins visitation and custody, and has taken issues to the U.S. Supreme Court five times, without success each time.

Miller was eventually ruled in contempt of court for defying a Vermont court order that she allow Jenkins visitation. The court then granted legal custody to Jenkins. But Miller went hiding with the girl at the end of 2009, and a man accused of helping her leave the U.S. was arraigned in a federal court in April.



Judge Dissolves Civil Union in Custody Fight - New York Times:

"family court judge in Vermont on Friday dissolved a civil union between two women whose fight over their daughter had attracted national attention and for a time put a judge in Virginia at odds with one in Vermont over whether a child can have two mothers.

The Vermont judge, William D. Cohen of Rutland Family Court, affirmed that the two women were legal parents of Isabella Miller-Jenkins, 5. But Judge Cohen awarded sole physical and legal custody of Isabella to her biological mother, Lisa Miller."

Swedish Dad (Magnus Norinder) Can Bring His Son Back Home


Monday, September 05, 2011

Okla. probe to look at girl's (Serenity Deal) case before death


Oklahoma DHS Releases Report On Toddler (Serenity Deal) Allegedly Killed By Father


Grandparents of slain 5-year-old girl are granted custody of unborn grandchild

"Samantha Deal is the mother of Serenity Deal, 5, who died less than a month after child welfare workers recommended she live with her father, Sean Devon Brooks, 32. Brooks is accused of beating his daughter, and faces a first-degree murder charge in Oklahoma County District Court in connection with Serenity's June 4 death"

Girl placed with Oklahoma City father despite reports of black eyes and bruised body

"Serenity Anne Deal died of a severe head injury less than a month after she moved in with her father, Sean Devon Brooks, 31."

Parental Child Abduction


A Divorce Strategy to Minimize Parental Alienation


Saturday, September 03, 2011

Belfield murder suspect in custody

Link "Law enforcement officials said at 5:45 tonight that Dirk Huber, who was charged with murdering the 39-year-old mother of his child in Belfield, is in custody."

Mother charged in death of 2-year-old son in Binghamton

Link "Veronica Taft had loud parties in her Fayette Street apartment in the days and weeks after her 2-year-old son, Lyric, died there, neighbors said."

Women's rights push dads aside


Friday, September 02, 2011

Bonnie Hower Murder: Mother Tells of Family's Abuse, Grief


Mother held in stabbing death of children

Link "Police took Chanthy Mao, 27, identified as a recent immigrant from Cambodia, into custody after she underwent a psychiatric evaluation at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported."

Mother Charged In Hatchet Killings - Greenville News Story - WYFF Greenville

Link "Naiyana Patel was charged with two counts of first-degree murder"

Mother Shoots Kills Two Children, Hits Pedestrians While Fleeing

Link "Yokeia Smith, a young mother from East St. Louis, III., shot dead her two children and fled the scene in her car, police said."

Motive for baby’s abduction and beating still a mystery

Link "No one will ever know why Nikita Eaglestick abducted a 13-month-old baby girl from a Winnipeg home and repeatedly smashed her face into the pavement."

Increase in shared care shows benefits of Family Law


Fathers Day present from hell


Runcorn family solicitor issues warning over new rules on divorce payouts


Sitting in on Family Law Hearings