Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grandmother, stepmother charged with running girl to death

Link "The child's grandmother, Joyce Hardin Garrard, 46, and step-mother, Jessica Mae Hardin, 27, were charged on Wednesday with felony murder"
Ala girl's short life full of turmoil before death

Murdered Woman's (Summer Inman) Parents Granted Custody Of 3 Children

Death penalty will be on table for father, son charged with Summer Inman's murder
Summer Inman Kidnap and Murder Trial Set to Proceed

Bubbles of Love Campaign for Parental Alienation Awareness


What is Parental Alienation? And What are Some Levels?


PAS: Parental Alienation Syndrome

Link "What every father should know about taking the “high road”  by Amy Baker"

Parental Alienation 911


W.A.V.E. Women Against VAWA Excess


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Four-year-old was 'abused to death by his grandmother

Link "Gabriel Trujillo was found unconscious on Valentine's Day at the Commerce City, Colorado home of his grandmother. Doris Becky Trujillo."

Mother ( Patricia "Dina" Crawley) of Abandoned Baby in a Box Arrested


Woman found slain in Redondo Beach; suspect kills himself in standoff - The Daily Breeze

Link "Russell Scott Goldberg was sought throughout the day, first as a "person of interest" and then as a suspect in the killing of his former wife, 45-year-old Margaret Ann Duffy Goldberg."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ex-Ottawa man kills self, two-year-old son in Australia

Link "Australian media reports have identified the man as Jason Lees ... ."

School counseling, parental alienation and prevention intervention.

Link "Severe parental alienation is emotionally abusive to children, impacting academic, social and personal aspects of their lives."

Family Violence Healing: 3 Keys to Healing Parental Alienation

Link "When children go away to college and get away from "who and what" the controlling family members want them to be, a window opens up. What they discover is their essence. Now here's the gem..."

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Link "Father's Rights Law Center"

Parental Alienation Help

Link "The primary purpose of this website is to provide the knowledge and understanding you need to personally deal with the ramifications of parental alienation or to help those who do."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Latina Mother Charged with Drowning Children

Link "Deputy District Attorney Teresa Sullivan says 32-year-old Lorna Valle (VY'-ay) was charged with murder and attempted murder Friday and will be arraigned at a later date due to unspecified medical issues."

Slain toddler's mother neglected her disabled child in 2000

Link "Melissa Swiontek faces felony neglect of a dependent charges relating to her daughter Jada Justice's death in June 2009."

Parental Alienation – How to Identify and Avoid It


Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)

Link "Your spouse will brainwash your child’s mind against you. Sometimes body language, verbal language , facial expressions, tone of voice, and even humiliation. Imagine the parental alienation syndrome, emotional damage done to your child."

Mother and children who fled violent abuser in France must now face new refugee hearing

Link "Omaima Makdesi and her three children fled to Canada in 2008 to escape a violently abusive husband who regularly beat and threatened to kill them."

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wife Jailed for Parental Alienation In a Divorce Case


Details of murder investigation released in death of 3 year old boy

Link "Further details surrounding the allegations of murder in the death of three-year-old Blake Litton of Stover have been released by the Morgan County Sheriff's Office."

Polk Co. mom (Neha Patel) sought in 1-year-old baby's homicide found alive at Tampa Int'l Airport


A Review of Maternal and Paternal Filicide


Manitoba girl’s body covered in bruises, human bite marks, jury hears

Link :Jason Allen Kines, 31, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault for his alleged role in the August 2006 slaying of his girlfriend’s daughter, Venecia Audy."

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Murder-For-Hire Trial Continues

Link "Prosecutors spent the day Monday trying to convince the jury just who killed Veronica Bozza a young, Nashville mother found murdered inside her home back in 2010."

LA mother arrested in drowning death of daughter

Link "Lorna Valle was booked Wednesday night for murder and attempted murder ... ."

More dirt on murder plot wife

Link "Nell-Marie Cooke was arrested last week after her alleged plot was exposed by none other than the target, her estranged hubby Martin Cooke."

Young mom shot and killed in East Vancouver domestic tragedy

Link ""Andy" Long Phi Nguyen of Vancouver, 31, was charged Wednesday with one count of first degree murder and one count of attempted murder."

Calgary man sentenced to life for strangling 17-year-old stepdaughter

Link "Bradley Wade Rietze, 47, was to go to trial on Tuesday for the Jan. 17, 2010 murder of Brittney McInnes."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Person of Interest Identified in Marion Mother's Murder

Link "Amy Aldrich, 30, was found dead inside a house at 617 Bartram Ave. at approximately 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.
No arrests have been made in Aldrich's murder, but police confirm that Bo Cook, 25, is a person of interest in the case."

Sombre message


An Abduction Story


Body was posed, detectives say

Link "Clay Duane Starbuck, 47, is accused of murdering his ex-wife, Chanin Denice Starbuck, 42, after luring her from her home with their children, then breaking in and hiding until she returned ..."

Man remanded in custody over Taliqa Fields death

Link "Louis Burdett, of Aikman Avenue, did not enter a plea when he appeared at Leicester Magistrates' Court."

10-year sentence sought in murder-for-hire plot

Link "Liza Belcourt and her co-accused Jordan Doiron and David Laidlaw were all found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder last year, for plotting the death of Belcourt's ex-husband, Richard Noniewicz, in 2009."

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Judge allows ‘grateful’ Mirkarimi to see son


Child abduction initiates Illinois Amber Alert

"Iryana Vaughn, 2, was last seen at 900 Racine St., Upper Flat, Racine, WI. Law Enforcement officials believe the child might be in the company of Iryin Vaughn, the child's father."

Incidents of a parent killing own child or children in custody dispute with spouse


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Police: Slaying Of Pregnant Mom Was Murder-For-Hire Plot - Oklahoma City News Story - KOCO Oklahoma City

Link "Fabion Brown, 24, Jessica Brown’s estranged husband, and his girlfriend, Emily Matheson, 23, both of Oklahoma City, were arrested Monday evening at two separate locations."

Stephanie Gregston, 19, who appeared in Yuma Justice Court on Monday with her attorney, Julie McDonald, was charged with two counts of child abuse and one count of failure to report abuse.

Link  "Stephanie Gregston, 19, who appeared in Yuma Justice Court on Monday with her attorney, Julie McDonald, was charged with two counts of child abuse and one count of failure to report abuse."

"The investigation determined that Gregston's boyfriend, Jonathan Paulmarsh Rios, 22, who has also been charged in the case, was alone with the twins at the time of injury and that Gregston never reported the abuse."

What is Hostile Aggressive Parenting?


Parents who kill their children: gender differences


Parental Alienation Syndrome: Points to Ponder


Josh Powell, Dangerous Men, Child Visitation and Joint Custody Laws

Link It did not take Katherine van Wormer, MSSW, Ph. long to start exploiting this tragedy.

Mingo Mother's Murder Case Ends

Link "Crystal Clark, 33, of Varney, was sentenced Monday to spend the next 40 years in prison for the May 2011 shooting death of David Clark."

Domestic Violence and Parental Abduction


Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Parental Alienation attempts cost mother custody and $552,123.28

Link "Dr. Loretta Wahl was divorced from her husband in 1999. The couple has two pre-teen children. In part the mother claimed to be a domestic violence victim, leading to a claim of disability entitling her to an advocate in court under the Americans with Disabilities Act. She goes on to state the disability renders her cognitively impaired therefore unable to abide by the settlement agreements she signed. By the way, those documents actually gave her joint legal and sole physical custody of the children with the father having visitation. She wasn’t satisfied and didn’t stop there."

MA Court Rules Non-Biological Lesbian Mother has Same Rights as Biological Mom


Parental Alienation Syndrome


Government announces family justice system reforms


Jacksonville Child Custody Lawyer: What is a Parenting Plan?


Family Justice review supports shared parenting


Monday, February 06, 2012

Home explosion that killed man and his two sons called a murder-suicide

Link "A house explosion on Sunday that killed a father (Josh Powell) and two boys and involved a bitter custody dispute has been dubbed a double murder-suicide, authorities said,"

Parental 'poison' of kids on rise

Link By Adele Horin

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Support and Resources for Alienated Parents, Family Members, and Professionals


Family justice report author criticises plan to change divorce and custody law


Rights, Residency And Relationship – The Child Custody Basics


After 8 Years, Judge’s Recusal Opens Door to Dad’s Custody

Link "On January 23rd, some eight years after the divorce and custody proceedings began, Judge Denney finally recused himself due to unspecified conflicts of interest in the case. The new judge, Alicia Littlefield, removed Wright from the case four days later due to her conflicts of interest. Among other things, Wright had recommended Smith for a job with a state agency."

Grandparents 4 Justice!


New Bill to add Non-Discrimination Provision to Child Custody Law


The Psychological Approach to Healthy Parenting: Part Two


The Psychological Approach to Healthy Parenting: Part One




Grandparents convicted after ‘evil’ B.C. toddler found starving, trapped in dark cellar


Friday, February 03, 2012

Smart Parenting During and After Divorce: What to Do When the Other Parent Speaks Negatively About You to


Josh Powell Denied Custody of Kids Because of Images Found on Computer


Mother Charged in Daughter's Death

Link "The 5-year-old girl, whom police say was killed Tuesday night, was taken away from her mother for a year when she was an infant, according to Child Protective Services, which now has Rosa Gonzalez's children in state custody once again."

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Parental Alienation Epidemic in Australian Family Law Courts, Expert finds


Upper Merion woman claims she was set up in infant death case

Link "Melissa Haskell, ..., claimed her ex-husband testified during a Nov. 7, 2011, custody hearing that he contacted authorities with the tip that led to Haskell’s murder arrest because, “… I had to do what I had to do for me to protect my son as a father.”"

Bronx woman accused of giving 6-year-old son lethal dose of methadone and Nyquil

Link "The mother, Raquel DeLeon, is being held by police. Sources said that, pending the autopsy results, she is being charged with criminally negligent homicide for her son's death."

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Complex autopsy delays baby murder hearing

Link " A legal case against two teenage parents accused of murdering their baby is likely to be delayed for months while a complex autopsy report is completed by South Australian authorities. "

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Link " Having reliable information about the Parental Alienation Syndrome and making it available to others is a critical part of dealing with this extremely destructive form of child abuse.  "

Parental Alienation:The Nurturing of Hate


Divorce Tool Box Divorce Coaches Offer 8 Tips During International Child-Centered Divorce Month on How to Effectively Co-Parent After Divorce