Thursday, December 20, 2012

Text on Parental Alienation Syndrome Lays to Rest Opposition’s Arguments

"What Gottlieb has witnessed time and again in her practice is that the alienating behavior parents engage in post-divorce actually began as a family dynamic long before. For example, a mother who assumes primary childcare during the marriage and marginalizes the father, may become the authority in the family regarding childcare matters. She may wield this power in a dictatorial manner, tossing aside efforts or suggestions of the father. This one-sided, “I am the sole authority” attitude, if acceded to by the father sets up an unequal dynamic between the two when it comes to the children. In the event of the divorce, the same dynamic may play out, with Mom marginalizing (alienating) Dad and Dad acquiescing in his subservient status. Stated another way, maternal gatekeeping may be a precursor to (or an example of) parental alienation."